[mythtv] Bt of mythcommflag segfault with mpeg2 file

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Feb 16 10:12:53 EST 2004

> On Monday 16 February 2004 02:21 am, Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> > Hello Development,
> >
> >   here's  something  for  you  Isaac..  :)  seems  pretty short, but i hope
> > it's enough. let me know
> Naw, Chris broke it, I think =)  I believe the fix should be adding:
>  GetFrame(1, true);
> after the ClearAfterSeek() call at line 3185 of NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp.
> Isaac

Hmmm. :)  So the mpeg2 decoder requires that but the nuppel decoder doesn't.
Anyway, a fix is in CVS.  Not quite on that line but inside the
"if (commercialskipmethod & COMM_DETECT_LOGO)" block since there's another
GetFrame(1,true) right after that block.

Now I need a way to put that whole block in the CommDetect object, but it
needs access to NuppelVideoPlayer's JumpToFrame(), GetFrame(), and
ClearAfterSeek().  Isaac, would you have a problem with making those three
methods public instead of private?  If they were public I could pass in a
NuppelVideoPlayer to the CommDetect instance and have it call nvp->GetFrame()
, nvp->JumpToFrame(), etc..  I'm thinking only pass it in to the CommDetect
method that needs it so then I'd have something like this instead of the
current block in NuppelVideoPlayer.

if (commercialskipmethod & COMM_DETECT_LOGO)



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