[mythtv] problem with delete button "Yes, but record..." missing

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Feb 12 19:50:52 EST 2004

> > icons or make them easier.  I look in the source sometimes because I can't
> > remember what letter means what.  As the scheduler gets more flexible (read

> Humm. I guess it's not self-evident then. As I'd mentioned
> in the original check-in, pressing Enter brings up the
> override dialog which has a full text explanation of the
> status. There are only a handful that come up regularly and

That's my problem I guess. :)  I never use the override dialog.  My
priorities are setup pretty good and I have enough tuners where I haven't
had to use overrides.

Might be nice if we had a standard HELP key that could popup things like
the status icon legend popup or a context-sensitive popup displaying an
extended description of a setting on the advanced recording options page.



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