[mythtv] Proposed scheduler patch

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 15:12:02 EST 2004

On Thursday 12 February 2004 14:44, Bill Oberman wrote:
> I have a scheduling quirk that I'd like to also bring up, if it
> hasn't been before.  Sometimes shows don't start exactly on time, so
> I pad a few minutes to both ends.  I also have multiple tuners.  On
> the case of back-to-back timeslots, I thought myth would thus bounce
> recordings from tuner to tuner (since the other card is free). 
> Instead, it keeps the recording on 1 tuner, and ignores the padding. 
> This isn't the biggest problem in the world, but I do lose minor
> slices of shows from time to time because of this.  Yes, I keep my
> clock in synch with NTP ;-)

Are you using the global pre/post roll for this?  That's the intended 
behavior.  To schedule an individual show to start early/end late, use 
the "Start early" and "End late" options in the Advanced Recording 
Options screen.  This will introduce a conflict; back-to-back shows 
will be recorded on another card (or at another time) if available.


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