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Graham W. Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Thu Feb 12 08:06:50 EST 2004

> is that tivo, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't have to deal with
multiple tuners

All TiVo code handles multiple tuners, even tho the only TiVo machines
at the moment with 2 tuners are the D* DTivo units... However, the code
for multiple tuners is in the SA codebase as well.

The thing that annoys the heck out of me about the TiVo scheduling code,
is that it's pretty intelligent, but it never seems to go the last mile
on the conflict resolution...... It tells me that it won't record
program B because it conflicts with program A.... However, it knows that
program B is going to be repeated 4 hours later, and that there's no
conflict there, but it doesn't give me the option of using it, without
having to manually go thru and select that timeslot.


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David (& others working on multiple tuner conflict resolution),

I've been following this thread with interest, but fundamentally I think
there are implicit, unstated assumptions that is not apparent to
everyone here.  Quite frankly, with all the talk of the conflict
schedule code changing, I for one am no longer sure what the ultimate
"intended" vision for multiple tuner conflict resolution looks like
(from a user perspective).

It's possible that I might have missed it, but is there a functional
description for this ultimate vision?  Without this shared
vision/specification it's rather tough to answer your questions....

I'll start by bring up some things that are unclear to me at this point
in time regarding multiple tuner scheduling:

1.  Are tuners "ranked?"  Some have expressed that they want programs
recorded on the "best" tuner while others want to treat all tuners
equally.  How will this be handled, if at all?
2.  Some have expressed a desire to leave a tuner free for live TV use.
 Others have mentioned if an (upcoming) recording is contending for a
tuner is (currently) used for live TV, that the recording be dynamically
started on a free tuner, if one is available.  And if a free tuner is
not available, what then?  On the other hand, some (such as myself) have
also asked why leave a tuner free for live TV at all?

In this thread you mentioned Tivo. The difference between myth and tivo
is that tivo, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't have to deal with
multiple tuners, whereas myth does (local and remote).  Recently, as of
myth 0.13, I feel that myth has moved towards a Tivo scheduling model,
which is not necessarily correct, since that tends rely too much on the
"one tuner" model....

Perhaps someone ought to come up with a straw-man stating how multiple
tuner conflict resolution works, have a thorough discussion on it first,
before we move on to the implementation phase?

David Engel wrote:

I purposely waited until late this evening before replying to see if
anyone else chimed in. No one has. If anyone else feels stronly
about this, now is the time to chime in.

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