[mythtv] DirectFB/QTE on /dev/fb1 with ivtv / PVR-350

Wayne Hogue mythtv at chiphead.net
Wed Feb 11 16:37:48 EST 2004

Martin Rehfeld wrote:

>O.k.! Thanx for clarifying that.
>I just tested mythfrontend with the newly compiled QTE (no-rtti removed
>from mkspecs/qws) and it works. I tried building without drirectfb
>alltogether but that lead to dependency problems so I left it in.
>Three problems remain:
>- The font used to display the GUI is not the same as with QT/X (looks
>more like Times) and there are problems displaying some "Umlauts".
True, also in my case at least the font is too small.  As a work around, 
I modified the theme and use the modified theme with the font size set 
larger for my old eyes :)  Perhaps we need a setting that can set a 
relitive size increase of the font size used in the current theme.  

>- As was mentioned in another post before, some screens do not draw
>correctly (for example the main menu shines through in mythgallery).
>Wayne: Is this rather a problem of QT/E or has MythTv to do some things
>in a "cleaner" way to work with both QT flovours?
Im not sure of the problem.  I have not been able to come up with an 
accdeptable solution.  One solution is to completely redraw the screen.  
I had this implemented in earlier QT/e patches, but the screen flicker 
is too anoying as the screen is redrawn each time you move the cursor.  
Also the whold screen updateds with every frame when previews are turned 
on.  So I tossed that one out.   The current solution works pretty good 
with the exception of previous screens showing through the background 
and visible between widgets on a few screens (and galery which I dont 
run so I didnt know about it).  The othe place is most anoying to me.  
The top of the watch recordings screen doesnt redraw properly.

>- And a minor one: How do I get rid of that useless mouse cursor which
>is sitting right in the middle of my TV screen ;-)

This I just saw a solution posted to the qt/e list.  It seems a problem 
with qt/e and fixed in 3.3 and a patch included for 3.2/3.1.  I quote it 
here for the myth users.


-----   cut here  -----
we run qt 3.2.3 here, one of my colleges is having this problem as well.

please find attached a patch for 3.2.3 (not sure if it works with 3.1.2) 
 from Trolltech.

also, here is the original msg from Trolltech:


Unfortunately, setOverrideCursor does not work properly on Qt/Embedded.
Currently, this problem has not had a high enough priority to be fixed.

Instead, we have introduced a method QWSServer::setCursorVisible(),
which does what most users want: the ability to turn the cursor on or
off for the entire display. This method will be available in
Qt/Embedded 3.3. The appended patch provides this functionality for 3.2.

Best regards,

- Paul

Trolltech AS, Waldemar Thranes gate 98, NO-0175 Oslo, Norway

Fiorillo.Paul wrote:

> Hello there,
> After upgrading to Qt 3.1.2, I found that I am unable to hide the mouse
> cursor using the following line of code.  I do this at the beginning 
> of the
> application as we don't use a mouse.
> setOverrideCursor(QCursor(Qt::BlankCursor));
> This used to work before we upgraded from 3.0.5.  Is this a bug or am I
> doing something wrong? 
> Thanks,
> Paul


--- src/kernel/qwindowsystem_qws.cpp	2004-01-12 10:26:02 -0000
+++ src/kernel/qwindowsystem_qws.cpp	2004-01-12 10:26:02 -0000

@@ -1743,6 +1743,23 @@
     qwsServer->gfx = qt_screen->screenGfx();
+void QWSServer::setCursorVisible( bool vis )
+    if ( qwsServer && qwsServer->haveviscurs != vis ) {
+	QWSCursor* c = qwsServer->cursor;
+	qwsServer->setCursor(QWSCursor::systemCursor(BlankCursor));
+	qwsServer->haveviscurs = vis;
+	qwsServer->setCursor(c);
+    }
+bool QWSServer::isCursorVisible()
+    return qwsServer ? qwsServer->haveviscurs : TRUE;
 #ifndef QT_NO_QWS_IM
@@ -2552,12 +2569,7 @@
-    if ( needviscurs != haveviscurs ) {
-	QWSCursor* c = cursor;
-	setCursor(QWSCursor::systemCursor(BlankCursor));
-	haveviscurs = needviscurs;
-	setCursor(c);
-    }
+    setCursorVisible( needviscurs );

--- src/kernel/qwindowsystem_qws.h	2004-01-12 10:26:02 -0000
+++ src/kernel/qwindowsystem_qws.h	2004-01-12 10:26:02 -0000

@@ -288,6 +288,11 @@
     static void beginDisplayReconfigure();
     static void endDisplayReconfigure();
+    static void setCursorVisible( bool );
+    static bool isCursorVisible();
     enum WindowEvent { Create=0x01, Destroy=0x02, Hide=0x04, Show=0x08,
 		       Raise=0x10, Lower=0x20, Geometry=0x40 };

----- cut here -----

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