[mythtv] who has hdtv?

Jason Schloer schloer.jason at tangoinc.com
Tue Feb 10 18:04:33 EST 2004

Hate to reply to my own message, but I figured out a kludge. I hadn't
realized Cable Frequencies were so different from Broadcast. I switched over
to using channel 86 and finetuning it by 32 and that seems to be working.
I'm getting stuff recorded. Only downside is when I try to view recorded
programs in mythweb I get a segfault, but hey it's a start. I'm pretty
excited I may actually be able to tape some HD finally. Wish me luck,


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I have the pcHDTV, but I'm not totally up and running. I had it working by
itself, but broke it when I added 2 M179s. I'm just now getting a little
time to look at it again. I'm applying your patches right this second. My
problem right now is I can get the pcHDTV card working with getatsc, but it
doesn't work in myth. Is there a definitive guide on getting myth setup
properly for the pcHDTV. I tried the forum over there and the most recent
thing is stuff Doug wrote a while ago. I wasn't sure if it still applied. 

Right now, my channel with the best signal is 34 using dtvsignal. This is
the equivalent of 9-1 in titantv, so in the channel table I have the channum
as 9-1 and freqid as 34-1. The tvformat is ATSC. Now when I run dtvscan it
says the freq*16 = 9460, but when I run mythbackend with verbose output it
says the freq*16 = 4532. I'm guessing my problem lies somewhere in that, but
I'm not sure where to look. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

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Does anyone other than Doug on this list have an HDTV tuner?

Just curious. I haven't gotten any feedback on my patches. I just found
a one liner bug in the hdtv-recording patch that would have prevented
almost anyone but me from using it, but no one pointed it out.
(I'll be posting a fix to that bug later tonight.)

-- Daniel
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