[mythtv] Re: MythLCD Channel Info

dan dan at milkcarton.com
Mon Feb 9 13:54:36 EST 2004

Koen, there is a way to get the data there.  Neither Thor or I have have done 
that.  Thor is the one who originally wrote the LCD framework.  I've extended 
it a bit to be more useful.  I have a bunch of things planned for the LCD 
stuff, but life has accellerated in the past few months.  If you want to take 
a crack at it, look at the code for mythmusic.  That is the one thats the most 
feature rich re: LCD output.

As a side note, what LCD did you pick up?  I picked up the CwLinux 1236(?) 4 
line'r w/ 6 buttons.


>Over the weekend i hooked up a lcd 20x4 display to my pc;

mythlcd (great work thor!) works like a charm. Now my question is,
Is it in any way possible to get lcdproc to display the channel and channel 
info while watching live tv?


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