[mythtv] PATCH mythmusic for NPTL kernels (Fedora/Redhat9)

Brent Hills bhills at openshores.com
Fri Feb 6 18:02:07 EST 2004

This patch enables mythmusic to function without the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL
work arounds on NPTL kernels (Fedora/Later Redhat).

The output mutex was being held for long periods but wasn't really
needed.  There is very little thread interaction that required the
output mutex.  The critical mutex for the output buffer is maintained by
the "recycler".

The small sections which made use of the output mutex I reworked without
using a mutex.

This was enough of a change to allow mythmusic to work on Fedora for me
at least and it still seems ok on Linuxthread kernels.

P.S. I will be out of town on the weekend.  If someone questions the
patch and I don't respond... thats why.

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