[mythtv] mythfrontend on ppc

jdeyoung jdeyoung at interchange.ubc.ca
Fri Feb 6 14:41:35 EST 2004

hi all

i'm trying to compile mythfrontend (0.13 for now) on my ibook (gentoo ppc).  i have a backend all set up for recordings, and an xbox for my primary frontend, but i'd like to be able to watch recordings on my ibook too.  sooo i searched the lists, nothing much turned up, and decided to try to get it going myself...  here's basically what i did:

get rid of the -DMMX flag
get rid of the -march flag (put in -mcpu=750 -- what i use in my make.conf)

all went well for a while, a few minor errors that required trivial changes (location of header files, etc)... then everything started to fall apart when i started compiling ./filters/xxx...  there's lots of x86 assembly code in there that causes the compiler to crap out...  since i only want to run the frontend, i just decided to comment out all the asm code..  as far as i remember, the files that i had to do this in are (excuse the typos if any :):

after this, everything compiled and i got some nice new binaries...  i set it to connect to my backend and everything seems to work (program guide/setup/...) but whenever i try to watch a recording (or a live preview tries to run), it seg faults, ie:

bash-2.05b$ mythfrontend 
2004-02-06 03:35:31 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
2004-02-06 03:36:11 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
Corrupt file.  Bad extended frame.
2004-02-06 03:36:13 Searching for frame header.
Segmentation fault

i'm currently compiling gdb, so i'll post more info on the error in a bit (500mhz cpu, takes a while :)... does anyone know what could be wrong?  do i need all that filter stuff even if im only running a frontend?

ill be glad to make a patch once i get this beast up and running =)

thx, jon

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