[mythtv] API suggestions

Henrik (Mauritz) Johnson hpj at underscore.se
Fri Feb 6 06:26:54 EST 2004

Hi, a few questions and suggestions regarding the API. These are not in 
any particular order and I'll probably find more stuff as I keep working 
with it.

1. The use of QString and const is totally messed up. For instance why 
use the "const QString" datatype... ever? The correct usage should be 
"const QString &" which will save one extra copy. I know that QStrings 
are shared and therefor quickly copied, but that doesn't make it right. 
Someone should go through the API and clean that up. (I volunteer if 
someone give me CVS access).

2. Would anyone have any problems with me adding a few methods for 
modifying a few attributes of UI elements. The one I ran into now was 
changing the pixmap of a textbutton while running, but I'm sure there 
are more.

3. I have a fairly complex UI XML file (Around 40 elements) and it takes 
20 seconds to render... Should this really be the case? it seems really 

Well, thats all for now. Also, there was the <value> tag for TextButtons 
in XML that I posted about before and never got any response on.


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