[mythtv] DirectFB/QTE on /dev/fb1 with ivtv / PVR-350

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 6 04:42:23 EST 2004

QTE needs building with the ability to do dynamic casts otherwise it crashes all the time with myth. This is disabled in the qte builds (-no_rtti from memory) and there were no
configure options to enable it so i had to go in and edit the files used to generate the makefiles. Sorry i'm at work at the moment and i can't remember which files it was but after doing that it works without any problem.
I can send more explicit information tonight if you want it.

Martin Rehfeld <klickmich at gmx.de> wrote:
... Just to follow up on my own post, in case SB is interested.

The relevant settings for choosing the output framebuffer are not in
directfb but in QT-Embedded. One can either set the environment variable
"QWS_DISPLAY=:/dev/fb1" or use the command line switch "-display

What is directfb acutally used for - I though it was the low level
output driver below QT/E - am I missing something?


P.S.: As mythfrontend segfaults all the time with QTE I went back to
QT/X for now. Does anybody use QTE with more success?

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> Hello all,
> is anyone running MythTV with QTE/DirectFB on ivtv's 
> framebuffer for the PVR-350 card?
> I currently try to do so but the output is always displayed 
> on the console (which is /dev/fb0) and not on the TV (/dev/fb1).
> I have fbdev=/dev/fb1 in my /etc/directfbrc and I get no 
> error at all, but the wrong framebuffer is used anyhow ... 
> the setting seems to be ignored.
> Any pointers?
> Thank you,
> Martin Rehfeld

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