[mythtv] MythTV Docs

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Fri Feb 6 00:00:23 EST 2004

On Friday 06 February 2004 05:22, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> I've noticed a lot of <is this a feature of MythTV> kind of questions 
>> lately,  would you agree with me that some sort of speparation of
>> the docs into a Install Guide and a Features/Users Guide would be
>> something that would benefit all of us? Also, though less of an
>> occurance is the mail about how to develope in MythTV, what then
>> about a Developers Guide also? <Also, there is no need for one
>> person to write this on his own, as we (usually) work as a community
>> here, and if users where to contribute some docs about what they
>> have gone through, maybe in the form of a subscribers message
>> for the mailing lists with points on what you have to read and  
>> contribute to if you occur some doc that's not up to date (or plain
>> lacking)  might be a push in the right direction for at least newly
>> subscribers. 

> I have already started putting together the user guide/feature guide. 
> It will be pretty.

Sounds great!

Kenneth (ke-aa \0 frisurf.no)

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