[mythtv] PATCH - mythmusic reload database tags

Brent Hills bhills at openshores.com
Thu Feb 5 03:28:05 EST 2004


The attached patch is to add support for updating the database
information from a music file if its modification timestamp changes
since a previous scan. It preserves its original intid and remains valid
in playlists.

It alters the Ignore ID3 Tags option into the following options:
	Update DB if File is Modified
	Ignore ID3 Tags
	Always Update Database
	Update Tags Only For New Files

-Update DB if File is Modified
When music files are rescanned for, files already in the database will
have the modification time checked.  If it has changed, the tags will be
reloaded into the current ID. (so playlists are preserved)
This option is the default.

-Ignore ID3 Tags
This was existing functionality and loads the database based on the
files name and path.  This functionality should stay the same.
(individuals currently using this will continue to)

-Always Update Database
This option might be useful if you want to switch from "Ignore ID3 Tags"
to "Update DB if File is Modified" to rescan all your files.

-Update Tags Only For New Files
This option should be used by people who keep their files on a
filesystem that does not support modification times.

Note to patch reviewers:
The database check in the head of the various decoder getMetadata
functions could be removed because these functions were only being
called in a music file scan, and only if the file was new (or now

I don't currently use or compile mfd so changes for that code are not

Sounds like mythmusic will be replaced at some point but I mentioned I 
would submit this patch so here it is.  There was one small unrelated
change to fix a SELECT statement.


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