[mythtv] [PATCH] abstract IMDB queries into external scripts

Tim Harvey tharvey at alumni.calpoly.edu
Thu Feb 5 01:06:08 EST 2004

Hopefully this patch will get applied before the next version.  It's
dependent on me wringing out all the bugs and submitting something that
can easily be patched and verified working by one of the persons with
CVS access.  Currently I'm waiting on feedback from Isaac regarding the
problem he had with it (Isaac, can you run mythfrontend -v and also add
a '-d' param to your script cmdlines and send me the output?).

I already know of a few problems that need fixing.  Apparently I left
some script paths hard coded instead of using the PREFIX def.  Also
there is an undesirable effect if you keep selecting a list entry
without letting it finish looking up your first selection.

Your idea will be easy for me to implement... in fact, I meant to all
along, but forgot to tie this in.  I need to add a cmdline option to
imdb.pl that takes the country.  I suppose it would be best if this
could be ultimately a setting in the database in case anything else
needs it, but until then it will just be something that non US users can
put in their movie lookup script commandline manually.


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> Hi,
> thx for this patch it's a good idea.
> 1 - Any idea when this patch will be applied to the cvs ?
> 2 - I try to apply  the patch in local cvs but I don't how does patch
> program work and which options shoulds I use.
> I have create a perl script to grab movie information in french
> it should work. But I can't try it in mythvideo.
> 3 - I have made a patch that allow to
>     grab movie information in french
>     manually classify movie by category
>      automaticly classify by genre and country
>     it's work for me but it's preferable to wait until your patch was
> applied to cvs. after that I can send again my patch which will be
> compatible with your new feature.
>    for this future feature, I have add 2 lines when I  run the perl
> script like this :
>        Countries: country1, country2, ...
>        Genres: genre1, genre2, ...
> It will be great if you add this feature too in your imdb.pl for
> user, all the other stuff was already made (database, videobrowser,
> videotree, editmetadata, videomanager)
> thx again
> xavier hervy
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