[mythtv] Thanks for including japanese patch

Hirobumi Shimada shimada at systemcreate-inc.com
Mon Feb 2 08:51:36 EST 2004


Thanks for including patch from my web site.

this patch including japanese resources and displaying
unicode on the osd, language specific program finder method.

if displaying unicode on the osd,
please copy the true type font file containing the characters to display to 
the font directory of MythTV(ie. /usr/local/share/mythv) and select "osd 
font" in the settings.

and attached perl script, 
This script is inserting MythTV's recording schedule, and favorite program 
list (maybe, like zap2it.com mail reminder) via email from OnTV 
Japan<www.ontvjapan.com> providing sending recording mail  service.
This mail can send any http client, web browsers and mobile phones.
mail is passed and performed to this using fetchmail and procmail.

it's currently accepted OnTV Japan format only.
but I think that it can respond to other services by a little change.

Please see, if got interested.



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