[mythtv] sleep & wakeup

Christian Hoenig me at christianhoenig.de
Sun Feb 1 12:59:59 EST 2004


> > I am thinking up and down about the pros and cons and the more I think
> > about it, I ask myself why to change the current thing? What is it that
> > you need? My mind tells me, that I don't like the idea of the machine
> > continuelly shutting down when I'm not using it actively.
> For me at least, it is a fairly sane assumption that if the frontend has
> been completely idle for 15 minutes then I'm not using it anymore, so if
> the backend is also idle it's safe to shut the machine down (actually, 
> suspend to ram rather than a full shutdown - I don't want to wait for a
> reboot when I start using it again).  I would prefer not to have to
> remember to shut the frontend down when I leave the machine.

Unfortunately suspend to RAM does not work on most machines (at least not on 
all I tested). If it would work this would really be an option, but also I 
don't want my machine to stay in StR all the time. So I think, I'd like to 
stay with my current implementation (though I probably rethink if there is an 
alternative available ;-) )

> > Wouldn't an option to startup the FE through the MBE in the case the
> > machine is started by the user be enough? (I just implemented that before
> > I saw the 'big' interest in that topic).
> Ah, I hadn't spotted that - that's a good idea.  

Michael Schmidt brought mit to that simple idea. So if thats interesting for 
you, I'll submit that soon, too.

> How does the backend know 
> if the user started the machine up or if it automatically started?

It doesn't know, but it guesses. It simply checks if a recording starts within 
some time. If so it assumes that it was woken up automatically and not by a 
user. Otherwise it assumes to be woken up by the user.

take care, have fun

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