[mythtv] CVS library versioning issue?

Jeff Markley jeff at harmonyintegration.com
Fri Dec 31 16:48:47 UTC 2004

Hi all,


I did a checkout of CVS this morning (12/31/04).  It seems to compile
fine but when the backend starts I get the following message in the log.


2004-12-31 09:42:57.682 This app was compiled against libmyth version:

2004-12-31 09:42:57.683 but the library is version: 0.16.20041207-1

2004-12-31 09:42:57.683 You probably want to recompile everything, and
do a

2004-12-31 09:42:57.683 'make distclean' first. exiting.


I've recompiled with the make distclean and get the same thing.  Anyone
else?  I am trying to upgrade a previously working myth box to the
latest CVS.

Thanks in advance,


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