[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V3.2 Released

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 20 05:19:50 UTC 2004

> I think ur docs says enter 1 transponder and it will scan and discover
> other transponders? For my case, I have to enter all the transponder
> freqs in the advanced menu (but maybe I didn't follow your docs properly).

This only applies to DVB.. ATSC has no "Networks" table so there is no way of
knowing what other channels exist.. What are you using?

> >You have to have lib52a installed.. You should check in your backend log
> Doesn't myth refer to it's own a52 decoder in libs/libavcodec/a52dec.c??

Not sure.. All I know is i had to install lib52a to get anything to come out of
my speakers even after it was writing the ac3 stream to the file..

> There's a option in configure that allows me to link against the liba52
> library, will try that tonite and see if it works.
> >(amongst all the debug I have) and see if you get the "AC3 Audio:" lines.
> If
> >this is the case then the audio is going into the NUV..
> >
> >
> Yup, mythbackend detects AC3 fine, at least the bitstream and freq give
> me a non-zero value. (is it possible to change that line to tell me
> whether I am in 5.1 or in stereo as well?)

Probbably at some point, but for now me happy it works :)

> My frontend still doesn't like the AC3 audio too much though, it will
> either (a) play sound with alot of breaks and alot of prebuffer pauses
> (not sure which software audio decoder is used), or (b) segfault when
> calling free(), the last msg saying it cannot find a codec registered
> for some codec_id (can't remember the hex value now as I'm at work, will
> post a follow up mail later today)..

I have a feeling the segvs are becasue the ac3 headers are still not being
handled properly.. I have seen this a few times.. It seems to depend on what
channel I am watching so headers may vary..

> I encountered symptom (b)  before when I forced private stream 1 as
> audio (I think I changed something in mpeg.c though I'm not sure whether
> that's still applicable after applying patch dvb 3.1).

Well let me know what you find out.. I am certain there is something not 100%
right yet...

But keep in mind the longer term goal is to save a stripped TS so the problems
may just go away then since the headers dont have to be handled..


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