[mythtv] Software AC3 decoding when watching TV

htpc htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 17 03:33:53 UTC 2004

htpc wrote:

Sorry for mangling the subject in my previous post.. :(

> >> have a MUCH easier time doing subtitles as well so I am completely 
> sold.. Sorry
> >Well yes, we could save on the trickery. :)
> More trickery... From the posts I realised that 0xbd is a private 
> stream (and not AC3 as I previously thought). But If I modified 
> transform.c and treat 0xbd as an audio stream, the function 
> find_next_start_code will return that. Myth then detects this AC3 
> audio stream correctly and loads the A52 decoder. I can even change to 
> a channel using MPEG2 stream and Myth will automatically use the MPEG2 
> decoder. All provided that bit_rates, frequencies, etc computes to 
> some non zero values in get_ainfo or get_vinfo. Otherwise, backend 
> will crash in the function ps_pes() somewhere at line 1981 (all in 
> transform.c):

Forgot to mention that I took out the first loop in correctstreams to 
preserve the 0xbd value...


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