[mythtv] Re: Software AC3 decoding when watching TV

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 15 16:34:11 UTC 2004

> Does it have to be replaced or can't we just record TS. That would
> make many things easier. What is the problem with TS?

Nothing really.. I know the ivtv decoder (pvr-350) can't handle TS.. Down the
road the pchdtv recorder and dvb recorder are hopefully to be merged at least
the common parts included in a base class.. Daniel is supposed handle the
stipping of the TS, and the dvb side of things was to use a PES.. At least that
is what Daniel and I had discussed a while back..

If I remember right the nuvexport stuff also works much better with PES than

One other reason to save it as PES is the MediaMVP (and probbably other boxes)
can only handle a PES not a TS so saving the stream as a TS would make it
impossible to use lightweight hardware such as those boxes.. (This of course is
releated to the ivtv issue above since I think they both Happauge cards/boxes
use the same chipset.. Either way I would much rather support both than just
1.. If the PES is fixed for DVB it can go into myth in my opnion if PES is
taken out and replaced with TS then it may break some functionality that I am
not aware of so I think PES needs to stay..


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