[mythtv] Re: Software AC3 decoding when watching TV

Tj htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 15 14:16:34 UTC 2004

Tj wrote:

> Following up my mails about software AC3 decoding. Found some things 
> so far:

Oh yeah, and one more thing, whether I am using AC3 or MPEG audio, 
mythbackend will report as follows:

Audiostream: Layer: 1    BRate: xxx kb/s   Freq: (yyy) kHz.

BRate: 10, 32, 96, 192, 12, 128, 288, etc
freq: 0.0, 44.1, 32, etc

Other than it's always Layer 1, the BRate and Freq follow no pattern 
apparant to me..

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