[mythtv] [PATCH] Add metadata editor to MythMusic

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Dec 15 13:58:44 UTC 2004

Paul wrote:
> The attached patch adds a metadata editor to MythMusic which
> allows you to save the changes optionally to both the database and
> the file. You access the editor from the playback screen by pressing
> the INFO button. Useful if you notice the track that you are playing
> has been wrongly tagged or the imported metadata is wrong. 


> The saving to the database has been fully tested and is common to
> all file formats. The saving to file part is different for each file type
> and uses the new MetaIO classes written by Colin Guthrie. I have only
> tested the save to file option with an mp3 file which didn't work as
> expected. It changed the tag to a v2.4 version which is incompatible 
> with several programs that I use to play the files!
> USE SAVE TO FILE WITH CAUTION until further testing has been carried out.
> I am sure Colin will welcome any feed back.

Hehe! Yeah, I ran into a few problems with this myself. I originally 
wanted to use taglib to handle metadata, but as is the general rule, the 
extra external dependancy wasn't looked upon favourable (for good 
reason). I had to work with libid3tag which is part of MAD. It only 
seems to let you write v2.4 ID3 tags which is a total pain. Knowing that 
I was only writing basic tags to the file, I implemented a (ahem) 
workaround, which tweaked the version number of the MP3 file back to 2.3 
after writing, but only under certain circumstances.... I guess that 
workaround will possible need tweaking to work properly under these 

> The patch is in two parts. A patch  to libmyth and a patch and 3 new files
> for MythMusic. The libmyth patch adds a UIRemoteEditType which is
> a wrapper around a RemoteLineEdit to make it easier to add an edit control
> to a MythThemedDialog. It also adds a search dialog to mythdialogs which
> I think may be useful elsewhere in Myth. It also includes updated
> music-ui.xml files for the Blue, GANT and Titivillus themes.
> The second part of the patch is for MythMusic and includes 3 new files
> which need to be added to cvs.

I can't promise anything, but i'll try my best to give some feedback 
over the weekend.

Thanks loads for doing this! Glad my patch is enabling something 
(despite it being broken!!)



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