[mythtv] Re: ALSA "fixes" actually break stuff in CVS?

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Tue Dec 14 10:37:25 UTC 2004

> The "juddering" may be the same as I am seeing. See my post "Problem 
> with severe video jitter in current MythTv".
> This started occuring after upgrading to the CVS release after 0.16.
> I am tracking this down by rebuilding MythTv on various CVS dates.
> So far the problem seems to have been introduced between CVS dates:
> 2004-11-29 and 2004-12-02.

Doug committed some changes to make the usleep times longer in quite a 
few places in the code (ie loops spin more slowly, perhaps too slowly 
now...).  Can you search the cvs commits log and find his changes on 
around the 30th Nov and try reversing out all of these in the audio 
code, and perhaps elsewhere. 

Please let me know if this turns out to be related to the problem

Ed W

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