[mythtv] CVS and backend problem

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Mon Dec 13 19:26:16 UTC 2004

On Monday 13 December 2004 11:32 am, Curtis Stanford wrote:
> The last week or so I've had problems with my backend that I've never
> seen before. Occasionally, programs that are scheduled to be recorded
> are only partially recorded. Perhaps only the last 10-20 minutes will
> be recorded. Sometimes, the program will not be recorded at all (if
> it's a 1/2 hour program).
> Different parts of mythtv seem confused as to what's going on during
> one of these recordings. The 'Watch Recordings' screen does not show
> the program being recorded but the 'Upcoming Recordings' shows the
> program highlighted and indicates that it is being recorded. The HTTP
> interface to the backend also does not show any recording taking place.
> If I try to watch Live TV, it says all inputs are being used by a
> recording. The backend itself shows no video file being written to.
> It's hard to pin down but seems to happen most when I'm watching
> another recording when the new one is supposed to start. I've been
> running this backend for a long time and have never seen a problem like
> this. I'm running the latest CVS and my backend is separate from the
> frontends.
> Any ideas appreciated.

Log files (record and scheduler turned on), and/or a backtrace from when it's 
in the not-recording but should be state?


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