[mythtv] Mythmusic Replacement

Fredrik Trotzig myshade at bredband.net
Mon Dec 13 17:39:42 UTC 2004

Im rather new to the list, maybe this should go to the wish-list.
Since mp3-players in the modern definition became so popular, wouldn't 
it be very nice with
a sub part of mythmusic for editing albums/songs on the /dev/[mp3player].

Just planting a seed..

Br. Fredrik

Borg wrote:

>I have been reading all the mails about Mythmusic lately and am finally glad
>to see some others who are also interested in bringing MythMusic into a
>trully useable module.  Not knocking anyone at all, but the current version
>does play music, but leaves a lot to be desired feature and performance
>wise.  About a year ago I commented on kind of how I would like to see this
>module develop out.  At the time Thor was working on the MFD stuff and I was
>busy otherwise so I kind of took a wait and see attitude.
>Well, not much has changed in that time.  I am really hoping I can devote
>some time to this after the first of the year.  Maybe there is enough
>interest from different parties to get this going and get it accomplished.
>Just as a quick overview of how I see the design - comments welcome:
>	1) 3 pieces, maybe 4 depending on how you look at it:
>		A) Master backend server - main purposes:
>			Delivers music to requestors either streaming or the entire files /
>albums / playlists, etc.
>			Delivers music lists to requestors - one level at a time.  No need to
>deliver all 4000 available songs, when the person really just wants to play
>a single album that they listen to regularly.
>			Keeps track of stats - how many times played, etc.
>			This guy is the only one that accesses the database, so it must handle
>all database type requests (Save playlists, update playlists, retrieve song
>/ music info).
>		B) Player Daemon
>			Plays music.  Requests next songs from Master Backend.  Accepts a
>playlist from gui's.  This runs in background and thus can play music while
>doing other things.  Can output to 2nd second card or multiple sound cards.
>Can be controlled by any GUI on any machine.
>		C) GUI's
>			Multiple's of these, Windows, Linux, Myth plugin.  Pretty simple devices.
>Provides controls for controlling the player Daemon (Play, stop, pause,
>etc).  Navigate through music lists via communication with Master Backend
>		D) More advanced Linux / Windows music collection controller - want to
>burn music, modify playlists, import music, etc - things outside of the
>typical tv appliance arena.  Things more quickly and easily handled in a
>typical pc application environment.
>Obviously a pretty big task.  My main goals I would like to see
>	- Make the playing of music easy, fast and enjoyable.
>	- Greatly speed up the responsiveness of the system.  I have a large
>collection and when I first go into mythmusic now it takes a long time to
>load info about entire collection.  Not necessary when all I want to do is
>listen to one specific album.  I should be able to very quickly navigate
>through a tree to get there.
>	Be able to play music while watching tv, scheduling things, etc...
>Once again not knocking anything already done, just see an opportunity to do
>make improvements and it seems there are others out there as well with
>similar ideals.  To me this is not so much a myth project but something else
>that provides a plug-in allowing a myth enabled device to connect to and
>play content from this music library.
>I have been scouring sourceforge and the net for other open source player
>projects that might provide a good basis for the centralized master backend
>server.  No need to necessarily re-invent everything from the ground up.
>Found a couple.  Still looking.
>Hopefully I have time to work on this also with all my other committments.
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