[mythtv] CVS and backend problem

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Mon Dec 13 16:32:10 UTC 2004

The last week or so I've had problems with my backend that I've never 
seen before. Occasionally, programs that are scheduled to be recorded 
are only partially recorded. Perhaps only the last 10-20 minutes will 
be recorded. Sometimes, the program will not be recorded at all (if 
it's a 1/2 hour program).

Different parts of mythtv seem confused as to what's going on during 
one of these recordings. The 'Watch Recordings' screen does not show 
the program being recorded but the 'Upcoming Recordings' shows the 
program highlighted and indicates that it is being recorded. The HTTP 
interface to the backend also does not show any recording taking place. 
If I try to watch Live TV, it says all inputs are being used by a 
recording. The backend itself shows no video file being written to.

It's hard to pin down but seems to happen most when I'm watching 
another recording when the new one is supposed to start. I've been 
running this backend for a long time and have never seen a problem like 
this. I'm running the latest CVS and my backend is separate from the 

Any ideas appreciated.


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