[mythtv] improvement to MythMusic RIP location

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Dec 13 14:36:07 UTC 2004

>>> I've got at least 500 CDs that I intend to rip (not sure what 
>>> that'll be
>>> in gigs)... I've got around 200 albums already as ogg and the current
>>> interface isn't bad but it is getting a little unwieldy.
>> How is it unwieldy?  People whine and moan about it, but I've not 
>> seen one description of either a) how it's bad, or b) how to make it 
>> better that would actually work with a remote control.
> Well, for me there are 5 things that would make it already a lot more 
> usable:
> 1. Have something like splitartist that includes album names. 
> Especially usefull if you have a lot of albums with various artists 
> but even so, believe it or not, I often can remember album names 
> without knowing exactly the artist name.
> 2. Have an "all" item in the splitartist that will contain all artists 
> for those times that you're just browsing. (in combination with #1 it 
> might be usefull to have an "all artists" and "all albums")
> 3. Have multiple levels for splitartist (again to be combined with #1 
> and #2 if possible of course) because some letters still have so many 
> items in them that scrolling around in them still is difficult.
> 4. Make it so that the option "list as shuffled" has no effect on the 
> "all my music" entry. I like seeing what is next but I always have 
> this option turned off because it makes the "all my music" entry 
> impossible to browse through.
> 5. Have some kind of menu where you could select things like: "play 
> current album" and "play current artist" which would mean clearing the 
> curent playlist and setting it to the current album or artist.
> No spectacular changes as you can see, just things that would make 
> life a bit more pleasant :-)
> Cheers,
> -Tako
I think a start would be to have a similar interface that the 'Find 
Programs' uses where there is a column of 0-9 and A-Z that would speed 
up searching for the Artist.

- James

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