[mythtv] improvement to MythMusic RIP location

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Dec 10 00:03:58 UTC 2004


Ian Campbell wrote:
> Finally, I was wondering if there was any active work going on with
> mythmusic. There are a few things I'd like to have a try at implementing
> but I don't want to repeat work that is already happening or start
> things that stand 0 chance of getting in. 
> The first thing I'm thinking of is a GUI for selecting entire albums to
> be queued, as in a single list of Artist and Album with artwork. Kind of
> like the album list that you can see in this muine screenshot
> http://muine.gooeylinux.org/muine.png but of course tweaked somewhat for
> TV suitability.

Yeah the MythMusic GUI isn't all that fantastic and could definatly improve.

As Joseph said, Thor has some fairly big changes in a separate audio 
module for myth. A lot of stuff is still in sync with MythMusic tho', so 
can still be ported across. I'm fairly sure Thor hasn't done a great 
deal of work on the GUI yet either, so perhaps it's worth discussing 
with him if new GUI development could fit in (and to confirm I'm not 
talking mince!!)?

For what it's worth, I'm working on better Multi artist support for Mix 
CDs/Soundtracks and Compilations. It's pretty much done, just not found 
time to test it (although I use it all the time for playback, I've not 
tested the ripping side very thoroughly yet!).

> With that was in place I'd then like to be able to filter the list using
> the numeric keypad on my remote in a way something like the way
> predictive text entry works on mobile phones.

I had this exact thought for a media player that I wrote for my living 
room before I found Myth. Originally I only wrote a music player, but 
when I did more searching on the web, I found Myth did sooooo much more ;)

Anyways, I wrote a class/library ages ago that did phone style 
predictive text stuff with a fixed dictionary (actually my mate wrote it 
as he was looking for a reason to bursh up his C++ skills and I 
suggested this). IIRC, the memory usage wasn't great on large 
dictionaries, but I'm sure I can dust it off and spruce it up and get it 
into myth. If anyone is interested, should I try and put this in the 
core libmyth and then use if from the modules? It sounds like the kind 
of thing that would benefit a few of the modules (not to mention the TV 
core bit).


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