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Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Dec 9 23:51:58 UTC 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Thursday 09 December 2004 02:47 pm, Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>>I agree with all of the above, both the suggestion for a coding standard
>>and some structured comments in the code that we can extract on demand
>>to build the documentation.
> I have a hard enough time getting people to just use 4 space indents.  I don't 
> see random contributors following a coding standards guide at all.

Surely that's the whole point? To give random developers some form of
order. I agree that an Iron Fist approach to a coding standard is
counter productive. Conversly, when I started coding, as an experienced
developer, I wasn't sure at all how to name the variables to keep in
with how things were done already. It took a fair bit of code reasearch
before I was even confident naming a member variable. If there was a
clear statement written in the core developer readme/faq area, I for one
would see that and give it a glance over and make my changes more quickly.

Addmitedly tho' I see your point about 4 space indents (even tho' I
prefer 2 ;) ), I can see it being an added hassle. But even to ask
people who contribute to rename their variables is not too much overhead
(especially if other people spot them and remind them before you get to
them). Anyone making any big changes will more than likely know the
score WRT standards. Even if regulars on the mailing list remind people
who propose patches, it would hopefully make sure that most people
conform. It only takes a second to peak at a patch and see if the
varaible/class names are in line and post a quick, "can you please
adjust to conform to coding standards" reply. Granted there may be a
higher "drop out rate" for patches, but hopefully not to any significant

A skeleton module with comments could act as a standards example and a
module structure diagram in one! Perhaps people would find this useful

> As I've said before, I don't mind someone adding doxygen comments, as long as 
> they don't take up too much space or otherwise get in the way.  This means a 
> few lines per comment, max.

Cool. Nice to know this for definate (probably missed it first time
round)! Thanks.



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