[mythtv] Re: Problem with severe video jitter in current MythTv CVS

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Tue Dec 7 07:06:29 UTC 2004

Gavin Hurlbut wrote:
> Terry Barnaby <terry1 at beam.ltd.uk> wrote:
> <<SNIP>>
> See how easy that was?  PLEASE cut out stuff that you aren't specifically 
> replying to.
> The only time I'm noticing jittery video or something similar is when something
> tries to use the CPU (like compiling, or starting a recording) and the 
> playback freezes for a short time.  Annoying, but not the end of the world.
> Ciao
> Gavin
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Sorry for the extended emails, I was trying to get some information
to people in case anyone could help point the finger at a area of code
that might be at fault.

There is no other significant CPU load on the machine when the jittery
video is present. Maybe jittery is the wrong word. The video jumps about
once per second together with audio clicks and is un-watchable.

 From another email response I have enabled "Use Video as Timebase"
and the judder no longer occurs. I will play with CVS versions
to see which change caused the problem.


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