[mythtv] HD3000 buffer overrun solution - patches for hdtvrecorder.cpp/.h against mythtv 0.16

Angel Li angel at miami.edu
Mon Dec 6 20:06:51 UTC 2004

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

>Eric, first thanks for contributing to the HDTV code, we need more 
>contributors. John Poet has a similar patch he's been testing with three 
>HD3000 cards. Can you compare notes with him to see which patch to 
>apply, and what buffer sizes to use? 
>We held back on submitting that patch in part because we hoped the 
>newest HD3000 driver might eliminate the problem, but it didn't so I 
>think we'll go ahead and submit it. But we also held back on submitting 
>that patch because he was still seeing buffer overruns starting about 90 
>minutes into recording when using multiple HD3000 cards. I'd like to 
>know if your patch eliminates this problem as well.
>-- Daniel
Will these patches help those of us with HD2000 cards?


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