[mythtv] Font size questions (AKA: What DisplaySize to pick)

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Dec 6 14:57:32 UTC 2004

Just starting to tune some of the more minor issues on my setup.  I 
noticed recently there were some font changes done to try and tweak the 
look (apparently) on 100dpi system.  It's also in the docs that 100dpi 
should be the best looking setting.

Now, I have a stupid nvidia card which only wants to work at 720x576 to 
my tv (and it's conveniently also the PAL native res).  However, if I 
put in a DisplaySize of: "256 144" which gives DPI's of "71 102" then 
the fonts are far too large, especially in pages like the Video Manager 
and many of the list boxes like the "Watch TV" list.

Switching to DisplaySize 336 189, giving DPI's of "54 77" gives me a 
setup where the Labels and the Content no longer overlap on the various 
screens, but the general fonts are rather too small to read clearly.  
320x180 is really the lowest I can go and have the fonts readible (which 
just leaves things overlapping slightly).

Presumably this isn't happening to *everyone* else or I'm sure it would 
have come up more often? I'm wondering if unusual aspect ratio is 
causing the problem?  I think the problem is actually the calculation of 
where to place the text horizontally rather than the font size (almost 
as though the spacing is decided by the horizontal dpi, but the font 
length is correctly determined by the vertical dpi - I don't think this 
makes sense though does it?)

Any thoughts?


Ed W

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