[mythtv] [patch] Fix for sluggish pause

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Mon Dec 6 04:11:07 UTC 2004

On Sunday 05 December 2004 09:51 pm, David Engel wrote:
> I relooked at this.  All I really care about is syncronizing the speed
> changes.  I only moved the other stuff because it seemed logical to
> due so.  Since the video/audio/ringbuffer stuff shouldn't have any
> effect on the speed changes, I moved it back in this patch.


> The other change in this patch is to re-fix ff/rew for the
> ivtvdecoder.  It's a little closer to the software decoders now
> regarding framesPlayed.

Cool.  Happen to know if thumbnail generation's fixed, btw?

> I don't see why, but I'll take your word for it because I tried
> channel change + seek and was able to produce odd results sometimes.
> Please answer me this, if unpauseaudio == false when changing channels
> or inputs, when does the audio get unpaused?  Does the move of some
> stuff back to NVP::Play handle the problem?

Audio gets unpaused in setPrebuffering().  I _think_ moving the thread logic 
back into Play() should work, but, I'm not certain..


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