[mythtv] New AspectRatio option

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Wed Dec 1 19:50:33 UTC 2004

mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
> Doug Larrick wrote:
>> Torbjörn Jansson wrote:
>>> I have a widescreen tv too, set to 16:9.
>>> I think the problem only shows if i play a recording from my dvb-c
>>> card. If i remeber correctly recordings from my analog card doesn't
>>> have any aspect problems.
>> So are the 720x576 dvb-c recordings 16:9 or 4:3?  The MPEG file
>> itself is supposed to indicate.  Perhaps your problem is that it is
>> not? 
> I use dvb-t and my 4:3 recordings look 4:3 and the 16:9 stuff looks
> 16:9.  No problems here 
> Ed W

I've tested the recordings i have now, and ofcource now that im actualy
trying to make the problem show it works just fine.

So either this has been fixed recently or the problem only shows up on
certain shows/channels that i don't have any recordings from currently.

When the problem showed up the osd that shows up when paused was parialy
outside the picture to the right.
And about the same size of the picture was also outside.

Anyway, i guess i have to wait and see if the problem comes back or if it's
realy fixed.

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