[mythtv] PIP motion sync

Brian C. Huffman huffman at graze.net
Tue Aug 31 22:01:55 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 21:00 -0400, Buechler, Mark R wrote:
> I believe, at least for me, it's due to the fact that my PVR-250 cards are
> not quite identical - one is several months newer than the other. In other
> words, some IVTV drivers versions do the same thing your seeing with PIP on
> one of my cards - in full screen. Accelerated video then a pause then more
> accelerated video. I found that version 99n worked well with both my cards
> so I didn't look too much into the pip since I thought at the time the two
> cards must be producing slightly different mpg stream timings which weren't
> working together.
> - Mark.

Well, both of my cards are working fine in full screen....this only
occurs in the PIP.  Thanks for the thought though. If this were indeed
annoying enough, I'd try going back to the 99n drivers.  ;-)  However, I
don't use PIP that often.  It's just that I'd like to be able to show
all the features of mythtv to guests w/o having to say.... "oh - and
this sort of works".  ;-)

Brian C. Huffman <huffman at graze.net>

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