[mythtv] Proposing some schedule recordings changes

Vedran Rodic vedran at vodatel.hr
Tue Aug 31 07:32:41 EDT 2004


I've noticed varius bugs with scheduling recordings. For example 
deleting a manually scheduled recording doesn't work because 
EncoderLink::MatchesRecording can't find a matching recording because 
tvrec->recendts != rec->recendts (they usually differ a few seconds - 
tvrec->recendts:Tue Aug 31 15:10:10 2004 rec->recendts:Tue Aug 31 
15:10:00 2004). Why the recording here isn't simply matched by 'recordid'?

Also, is there a reason why is MainServer::DoHandleStopRecording
matching the 'recorded' table rows  with 'WHERE chanid = :CHANID AND 
title = :TITLE AND starttime = :STARTTIME AND endtime = :ENDTIME' 
instead of 'WHERE recordid = :RECORDID' when updating the recording 

When I stop the recording only the 'recorded' table is updated. 
Shouldn't the 'record' table also be updated with new endtime? Because 
if it isn't updated, if I restart the backend, recording starts again.

If you agree with my changes I'll submit a patch soon.

Thank you
Vedran Rodic

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