[mythtv] [PATCH] OSD resize

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Aug 29 15:19:00 EDT 2004

> Hi all,
> This patch is purely Kristof's work, I have just tested with latest CVS
> and diff -u'd it.
> Tested with/without deinterlace (bob, kerneldeint, onefield, linear),
> and OSD themes (blue, default, titivillus). I have no issues with
> stability at all.
> Paul

Ahh, so you didn't want to take the blame.... :)

Looking good, but here's a couple things I noticed while testing this
out on current CVS.

This patch segfaults when changing the aspect ratio from the OSD popup
menu (believed because of the HideAll() in OSD::Reinit()).

I tried commenting out the HideAll() but that seemed to cause it to
segfault when I change aspect ratio on one recording then exit that
recording and then select another to watch.

The positioning is also off vertically when in 4:3 Zoom mode.  I used
'W' to cycle between the zoom modes and I could see the vertical
offset was off in 4:3 Zoom.  I use CornersOSD and a couple of the
OSD boxes are at the very top and bottom of the display but when
in 4:3 Zoom, they are 20-30 pixels away from the top/bottom.



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