[mythtv] Epia hardware decoding - still problems

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Sat Aug 28 19:50:05 EDT 2004

> I'm thinking I may get a new frontend box. Support for the EPIA HW
> decoding
> seems to be lagging. Is anyone using this platform successfully? Back
> version 0.13 or so, playback was fine. Since that time problems have
> introduced like flickering OSD and now this playback problem. I really
> like
> all the new features of the new versions but the playback is awful.
> I'm using Gentoo with epia-sources-2.4.25-r1 and xfree-4.4.0 with the
> open-source video drivers (including the new libddmpeg-1.7 from

I have an EPIA M10k frontend running minimyth, and my Backend is a P3
500, Myth 0.15.1, DVB-T card, and Gentoo with a 2.6.4 kernel. It's rock
solid, and with Kenneth's recent interlacing patches applied to
minimyth, the picture is very good.

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