[mythtv] commercial flagging segfault

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Sat Aug 28 17:20:33 EDT 2004

James Armstrong wrote:

> I keep getting a segfault on the backend during commercial detection 
> on one show. This happened a week or two ago on the same show and I 
> had to delete the show to keep the backend from stopping. It happens 
> that it is on a SD channel (PBS), it is not HD. Both times it happened 
> it was the same show, same channel (but it is the only show that has 
> been recorded from this channel so it probably does not have anything 
> to do with the show itself). Attached is the debug I was able to get 
> along with part of the mythbackend.log file. I am going to keep the 
> recording just incase I need to do some more debugging. I have not 
> tried to watch it yet because I have not turned off commercial 
> detection yet and backend keeps dying. Even if the recording is bad 
> because of noise on the over-the-air hdtv channel I would not think it 
> should segfault. Let me know if there is anything else that is needed.
> - James
>Sending 13 bytes of data to localhost port 8084, setting contrast
Ok, it seems it is related to the mpeg2video library. Is that part of 
myth or a thirdparty library? I also get the segfault on the frontend 
when I try to playback the recording. It gets about half way through the 
30 minute show then just exits.

- James

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