[mythtv] Epia hardware decoding - still problems

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Sat Aug 28 16:50:39 EDT 2004

Curtis Stanford wrote:

>OK, I've finally had time to try somebody's suggestion of turning off /dev/rtc 
>syncing using CVS on my EPIA M10000. It helps but I'm still having problems 
>playing video. What happens is I get roughly double speed video with no 
>audio. This happens when I skip forward, back and sometimes when I show the 
>OSD. Eventually it seems to straighten itself out and play normally. If I 
>pause it, it seems to help too. Sometimes, it just hangs and I have to 
>I'm thinking I may get a new frontend box. Support for the EPIA HW decoding 
>seems to be lagging. Is anyone using this platform successfully? Back at 
>version 0.13 or so, playback was fine. Since that time problems have been 
>introduced like flickering OSD and now this playback problem. I really like 
>all the new features of the new versions but the playback is awful.
>I'm using Gentoo with epia-sources-2.4.25-r1 and xfree-4.4.0 with the 
>open-source video drivers (including the new libddmpeg-1.7 from Kenneth).
>Any suggestions welcome.
With playing video you are referring to recordings made by MythTV? If 
so, the answer is "yes, I am successfully using an EPIA M10000 to run 
myth". In fact I think the only thing that makes it a bit unstable at 
times is the fact that I have 2 PVR250s and the ivtv driver doesn't seem 
to handle simultanuous recordings very well. Myth itself has its 
problems as well, but we're using it as our primary system for watching 
TV. (The only thing that keeps us from using it 100% of the time is the 
slow channel change which is nuisance is you just want to zap for a bit.)


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