[mythtv] bobdeint observation

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Aug 28 01:43:45 EDT 2004

On Saturday 28 August 2004 01:17 am, Andy McMullan wrote:
> First of all, thanks to those responsible for getting the bobdeint code
> into myth, as it's made a huge difference to the playback quality on my
> system (bt8x8/PAL/Nvidia Tv-out). Finally, recordings really look like
> the original broadcasts.
> XvShmPutImage(data->XJ_disp, xv_port, data->XJ_curwin, data->XJ_gc,
>                image, src_x, src_y, src_w, src_h, dispxoff,
> ===>          (t == kScan_Intr2ndField) ? dispyoff+1 : dispyoff,
>                dispwoff, disphoff, False);
> Basically all this does is draw the second field one pixel lower than
> the first field. The effect is pretty subtle, but I'm pretty sure it
> gives a better result.

I've had this (well, same idea) in my tree for a couple weeks now.  It does 
actually make video playback look very good on my (ntsc, fx5200) tv-out, but 
the OSD still looks bad.  Haven't had time to mess with it much, though.


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