[mythtv] [patch] add mediamonitor to context and use in mythvideo

Leo Weppelman leo at wau.mis.ah.nl
Fri Aug 27 15:42:48 EDT 2004

On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 08:11:45AM -0400, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> Leo Weppelman wrote:
> >
> This is in...  It'd be nice to have the same sort of thing for the 
> gallery view.

Thanks a lot! I'll take a glance at the gallery when I have the time,
currently I'm fiddling with themedmenu's and lcd's ;-)

> Also, we need a way to eject media through the MediaMonitor or something 
> since data CDs get their tray locked by virtue of being mounted (unless 
> someone knows a way around that)

There was a thread about it in July or soemthing like that. I couldn't get
the device unlock working when running the mythfrontend as a non-root
user. I was under the impression that it worked for you and Xavier...
Anyway, I call a small setuid program that performs the
ioctl(m_DeviceHandle, CDROM_LOCKDOOR, 0) when this same ioctl fails in 
MythCDROMLinux::unlock(). I can now eject the cd when I want to.
I'm not sure if this is an acceptable solution, or if there are better
solutions (without an external program) that will work.


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