[mythtv] Inefficient guide listings...

Henrik Harmsen 4664 at telia.com
Fri Aug 27 07:54:46 EDT 2004

Hi, I'm thinking of maybe putting some energy into making an 
alternative guide listing. Today, the listing is horizontal with 
increasing time on the horizontal axis. For me, this causes listings to 
be very difficult to read (and slow to browse). Most shows here in 
Sweden do not begin on even half-hour bondaries. Also, the current 
method wastes a lot of screen space on blank areas where it would 
better serve to have text from the listings, I think. So the listing 
that I'd prefer would look something roughly like this:

(Assume current time is 20:05)
Chan start end description
CNN  1800 2100 World news
BBC1 2000 2100 Monty Python
(currently running shows above in some color and coming shows below in 
another color)
BBC2 2030 2100 More news

The main point being that I could see more of the description for each 
show than just a couple of letters as it is today (on my setup).

So, before digging into this, I'd like to know if someone is already 
working on this?

Or if there are other comments on the usefulness of this guide listing?

Is it difficult to do?

(Ideally, I'd like to do listings in this format also in the web 
listing, if time permits.)

-- Henrik

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