[mythtv] Feature request: MythMusic

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Aug 26 03:58:32 EDT 2004

Hi Robert,

Robert Stanford wrote:
> Could we have more than 1 playlist.

I don't want to be pedantic, but you can have more than 1 playlist. I 
think a better way of saying what you'd like is: Can we have more than 1 
view of the All My Music playlist? Correct me if I'm wrong....

> Currently we have "All My Music" which can be sorted by 
> genre/artist/album/tracktitle.
> Could we have the ability to add other views of the music with the top 
> heading being customisable so that in the playlist editor we might have:
> All My Music    >
> By Artist    >
> By Album    >
> By Genre    >
> CD
> All My Playlists
> Active Play Queue
> Of course selecting an album/artist in one list would select all the sub 
> tracks in the other lists.
> Assuming on large collections this did not introduce too much overhead.

I've not looked at the tree code for a while, so I can't comment. I 
still finishing off a big patch for MythMusic to support Mix CDs 
arranged by people (e.g. Another Late Night series or the Back To Mine 
series or even just Movie Soundtracks and reguler Various Artist CDs). 
So after I've done that I may take a look at the overhead this may 
present and possibly implement. Implementation should be very simple, 
and I guess if there is a large overhead, it could be a user choice 
protected by an option...



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