[mythtv] vsync and frame timing adjustments

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Wed Aug 25 12:41:35 EDT 2004

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
> While you guys are talking about this, I'd like to suggest that
> PrepareFrame() should be called earlier, maybe on the previous
> frame. Ideally how many frames ahead it's called could be adjusted.
> With HDTV and a GeForce FX 5200 using XvMC it seems to take about 40ms
> from the time you call PrepareFrame() before it's ready to be shown,
> which is a real problem if you are aiming for a frame rate of 30fps (or
> 33ms between frames) because we call it at most 33 ms before calling
> Show().

Is it pipelined so this would actually work?  Or would the card wait 
until frame n-1 is fully processed before beginning on frame n?

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