[mythtv] Database Question

Jason W. Thompson GameboyHippo at classicnet.net
Tue Aug 24 21:35:02 EDT 2004

This is somewhat off topic from development, but I have a question about the 

The otherday, Spot (my mythtv PVR PC) recorded an episode of ST: Next 
Generation.  It was labeled, however, as ST: Deep Space 9.  So I thought by 
changing the "recorded" table it would fix it and everything would be okay.  
I changed the name, the episode & series ID, the subtitle and description.  
When I looked at my frontend, it changed the series to Star Trek: Next Gen, 
but the episode name and the description was still the same.  What's more is 
that the frontend now claims that it started recording at the time the 
database was updated, but stopped recording at the correct time and date.  
Thus the backend cannot find the show.  Is there anywhere else that the 
backend stores recording information?



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