[mythtv] Re: HDTV Driver Stuff for PCHDTV Card

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Mon Aug 23 22:29:36 EDT 2004

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004, Taylor Jacob wrote:
]You mentioned in your post earlier something about parsing the Tables
]for possible QAM cable based HDTV?  Are you working on code already
]parse the OTA ATSC System Information tables?  I am in the process of
]adding real support for the DVB SI tables, and have glanced at the ATSC
]tbales, and I bet I have already written 80% of what is needed to parse
]the ATSC tables, since much of it is just standard mpeg table
]If you aren't working on parsing the tables, and no one else is I will
]add support for the ATSC tables similar to what I am working with on
]DVB.. Right now I can get guide on 2 channels I can pickup locally, so
]I should be able to test most of the tables required I just need to my
]PCHDTV card working..

Actually I did it for OTA tables a while ago. It's in the HDTV Recorder
patch, see here:

It's a little rough for inclusion in CVS, and I've been concentrating on
the playback patches lately. You should use what you can of the ATSC
stuff. I made the decision to split the MPEG parts from the ATSC parts
mostly so someone working on DVB could use them.

-- Daniel

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