[mythtv] vps code. where to add?

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Mon Aug 23 19:17:10 EDT 2004

once again my favourite topic vps/pdc, as allready stated i've
implemented a class to retrieve vps information from a vbi device (using
the ivtv driver > 0.1.9)
i managed to get it into mytv and get it compiling.
now the question is where is the part of code that starts/stops a

i thought that this was in encoderlink.cpp::StartRecording(ProgramInfo
*) and StopRecording(void) but that proofed to be wrong. StartRecording
is called when a recording should take place (so i inserted the vps
query here and it works) but StopRecording is never called. 

so once again the question where would be the correct place to include
the vps queries?

so long and thanks for the help

p.s. to start a recording i choose the constraint that the
ProgramInfo.startts == VpsData
and to stop it ProgramInfo.startts != VpsData.
any thoughts on this topic about how to decide whether to start or stop
a particular recording according to vps data are very welcome aswell
since i'm absolutely not sure if this is correct. (does anyone know how
it is done in plain old vcr's?)

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