[mythtv] dvbsections.cpp / dvbchannel.cpp Changes In Progress

Ian Caulfield imc25 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 23 10:17:10 EDT 2004

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Taylor Jacob wrote:

> The channels table will add a few fields for each service.  (ServiceID, 
> Reference to dvb_transport, pmtcache (which will be removed later on 
> when Auto-PID functionality is tested and working for dvbcam), EITSource 
> Transport.

I'd say that even when Auto-PID works, leave in a PID cache to speed up 
channel changes.

> I am considering making there be a logfile of channel 
> adds/deletes/changes for the dvbscanning code, so that users can see 
> what is going on (at least when its first being implimented and hasn't 
> been 100% tested and working).  Should this be a file, or should I make 
> a table in the DB that holds this information for a week or so similar 
> to the signal strengh report?)

I think this would be a good feature - even when working, it'd be nice to 
be able to see when channels have been added/removed.

> PLEASE NOTE: I do not have access to a DVB-C card or service so if someone with DVB-C cares they
> will need to either write a DVB-C transport descriptor parser, or give me access to their system
> to verify this functionality will work.

I have a DVB-C setup, so can help test (and code if I get the time).


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