[mythtv] [PATCH] View log entries in System Status

Mark Kendall mark_kendall at btinternet.com
Mon Aug 23 06:54:54 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> This patch adds the ability to view entries logged to the database 
> (MythLog) in the System Status Window.  It also provides this 
> functionality:

> I hope my early morning coding didn't leave any bugs outstanding in this 
> and hopefully some kind souls might look to add more log entries in the 
> system so there is more to view here.
> Kevin


Looks fine here. Pressing left on any of the menu items brings up the 
Log Entries output however - and in some cases this overwrites existing 

The only other suggestion would be to include log entries and dvb status 
only if these have been enabled. These changes work for me:-

     icon_list->SetItemText(item_count++, "Listings Status");
     icon_list->SetItemText(item_count++, "Tuner Status");
#ifdef USING_DVB
     if (gContext->GetSetting("DVBMonitorInterval", "0") != "0")
         icon_list->SetItemText(item_count++, "DVB Status");
     if (gContext->GetSetting("LogEnabled", "0") != "0")
         icon_list->SetItemText(item_count++, "Log Entries");



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